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Tattoo Removal Before and After

Here is tattoo removal before and after help if you are considering having a tattoo removed or changed.

Many people want to know the best methods for tattoo removal. They also want to know if certain tattoo removal methods will work for the tattoo on their skin. They want tattoo removal before and after proof before they make the commitment to invest in a solution. There is a lot to consider, so here is help in the form of tattoo removal before and after.

Not everyone is a good candidate for tattoo removal. If your tattoo process resulted in complications and left scarring like keloid or hypertrophy you may want to reconsider the expensive process of tattoo removal. There is a good chance that laser tattoo removal will also leave scaring due to the nature of your skin.

The best advice, as always, is to consult a certified medical professional. But generally speaking if you are prone to keloids, hyper or hypo pigmentation or do not react well to burns or excessive scarring due to minor cuts and abrasions, tattoo removal may result in more noticeable scar, post-treatment.

One accepted method for tattoo removal today, dermabrasion. This is a process that literally rubs or sands off the top layers of skin to reveal younger-looking, fresh skin beneath. However, if you scar badly from abrasions, or scrapes, the results of dermabrasion could be something you will not want.. Also, if you have ethnicity (i.e. Greek, Italian, Asian or African-American, etc.) in your biological family, you may be prone to hyper or hypo pigmentation resulting from any level of dermabrasion.

One of the most popular treatments for removing tattoos is with the use of lasers. Intense pulses of light are applied over the tattoo and penetrate deep into the skin. This is a process that actually burns the skin--so if you scar badly from burns -- this could also be a problem. Similar to other methods, this may also scar you and leave only a thick scar in the place of where your tattoo was -- defeating the purpose. Sometimes a scar is left in the same shape of he tattoo that was removed. That may not be the desired effect that you want.

Other conditions or situations with the skin that can cause problems for a person include the following: pigmentation problems, warts, lesions, acne rosacea (active) or diabetes.

Laser tattoo removal is not very comfortable. Luckily the treatment takes a very short time, 15 minutes or so. But it can be quite painful. As well, you have to keep returning for several repeat treatments. If is not uncommon for a person to start with laser treatments and not finish because they cannot tolerate the pain.

Finally, it is very important that you are mentally ready and emotionally stable to have a tattoo removed. You are going to have a change made to the look of your body. It will take commitment and several treatments to accomplish the desired results. You need to be prepared for this or you may not



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