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Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

If you are finding you no longer want a tattoo, it may be time to look into laser tattoo removal and laser tattoo removal cost must also be considered.  It is not the cheapest way to remove a tattoo using lasers, but it is considered in the industry to be the most effective method today.   Here is information that will help you better understand laser removal cost.

A great many factors can influence laser tattoo removal cost.  The procedure and type of machine being used,  the size of the tattoo, color of ink, age of the tattoo and how deep the tattoo has penetrated the skin will all have affect the laser tattoo removal cost. What follows is an average cost for using lasers to remove tattoos.

There are basically two accepted methods today for tattoo removal—using fade creams or the use of lasers.  The laser method is generally considered the most effective.   Fade creams seem to do just as their name suggests—fade tattoos.  Lasers seem to give a more complete removal.

The way lasers remove tattoos is through a repetition of short pulses of very intense light.  This light is directed through the top layers of your skin into the tattoo.  It causes the ink in the tattoo to break up and rise to the surface.  Your body’s immune system removes the broken up ink particles as a natural process.  The technology is very advanced today and is considered safe.  Its effectiveness will vary depending on the skin type of each person.

The best candidates for laser removal will have medium to fair skin.  The tattoo will be dark but not too intense and have penetrated into the skin at a medium depth.   When you visit a clinic that specializes in laser tattoo removal they will give you a good assessment of how your tattoo will likely respond to treatments and cost.

It is important to note that laser tattoo removal is not without discomfort.  In short, every visit is a bit painful.  How painful?  It really depends on the individual.  Every person has their own level of pain tolerance.

The laser tattoo removal method usually takes several visits.  There are laser tattoo removal specialists in most major cities today.  The average cost is approximately $2,000-$5,000.  That tattoo removal price would be for 8-12 visits.  The treatment visits usually take in the 10-20 minute range each time.  Remember, this is just an average and the price you may pay could vary depending on the factors discussed above.

Other methods for removal include creams and liquids.  There is a lot of controversy over how effective the cream and liquid tattoo removal products are.  Their cost is much lower than laser treatments.  Depending on how many applications you chose to use, the cost for removing a tattoo with a cream or liquid gel can range from $50 to the low hundreds.

Other options for tattoo removal include chemical peel (dermabrasion), surgery, and scarification.  These are all highly specialized tattoo removal procedures and their costs will be quite high.  Best advice is to see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for consultation and costs in these areas.


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